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7 classic shade of gel Polish with a delicate shimmer LAC - a brand of professional nail cosmetics in a stylish package. Elegant design, impeccable quality and affordable cost is all the undeniable merits LAC

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Collection Golden Line is a story about classic, Royal, noble shades with a delicate, light Golden glow. When choosing shades this collection focused on the story of English Queen Elizabeth. It is very often used in manicure delicate Nude with fine shimmer. We decided to create a collection for the European, is perfectly discreet and feminine manicure. Universal 7 colors (pastel 5 and 2 classic red) uniform decorated with a little shimmer.

- Excellent density of the shades, applied in 1-2 thin layers;

- One touch brush with perfectly smooth cut for progresiva the cuticle area;

- Smart bottle with a rounded bottom inside to make full use of the material;

- Formula 9 free

- The composition includes pigments that provide the brightness and durability of color .

The cost 349 rubles, Raw materials of Latvia.

Lac Golden Line
Price per 1 PC.
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