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A new product from Lab Lashes&Brow Natural henna in 5 shades. Gives the most natural effect. Weight: 10 gr

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ULTRA BROW HENNA innovative product very finely. Staining persists up to 10 days on the skin and up to 4 weeks for the hairs. Henna has restorative properties, so not only stains, but also restores the damaged eyebrow and makes the hair thicker. Release form: glass bottle with dispenser. Masters, who often make the staining procedure, convenient to use ULTRA BROW HENNA in a bottle. The spout of the bottle allows precise dosage amount of henna, medium is spent economically. In addition, the narrow nose prevents the vial of air. It's longer retains the beneficial properties of henna. In a Palette of four basic colors and one tone activator-concentrate.

BLACK - activator concentrate cannot be used separately from the basic shades of henna! The concentrate is used to darken the henna shades or to achieve cool shade.

BROWN - Suitable for brunettes and dark haired women. Can be used for blondes who prefer a very dark gray with brown undertone eyebrows

COFFEE - Suitable for blondes with honey and Golden sheen of hair. For girls with a "bleached" hair. Also suitable for brown hair with light ruinkai in the hair.

CHOCOLATE - This is a gorgeous dark brown shade. Perfect for girls with rich brown hair and brown eyes.

BLOND - Suitable light ash blondes, dark blonde girls, and owners of Slavic and European types of appearance. The shade is universal, suitable for many customers with classic blond hair color.

Price per 1 PC.
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