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Molly's Room Company has been a professional manufacturer of nail cosmetics since 2015. We independently develop various cosmetic products and produce them under our own brands. Now, the company has 7 unique brands of cosmetics in various price segments and categories: manicure and pedicure products, products for eyelashes and eyebrows, innovative products for sugaring. Today, our products make our company one of the market leaders. We are constantly receiving hundreds of positive reviews from our customers and do our best not to stop on what has been achieved. If your company wants to expand the range of products at your store or work with materials of the premium segment, we will be glad to see you as our partner and provide comfortable conditions for cooperation.

Our customers prefer working with us for the following reasons:

1. We offer only fully certified products. Making our products with thoughtfulness and dedication, we are constantly improving the quality of raw materials and packaging. Each brand has a certificate confirming the quality and safety of products.

2. We guarantee high level of service. A personal manager is a skilled person, who is always ready to consult you on the selection of products and answer all the questions you are concerned with. 3.We provide personalized terms for cooperation. Our company cooperates with representatives around the world, and offers
favorable conditions for cooperation for beauty salons and shops, providing marketing support, quality content for social networks and online stores, and free
POS materials.

3. We offer discounts to our customers. Our wholesale discounts start from 20 thousand rubles orders.

Entering into a partnership with Molly's Room you get the opportunity to sell demanded high-quality products and to increase your profit!

ELL LOUREL - Premium Products - Gel polishes have a medium-liquid consistency, are easily smoothed, have a slight chewing gum smell, are applied in a very thin layer and do not overload the nail plate; - All shades are perfectly pigmented; - Economic bottle of 15 ml; - Professional brush with a smooth cut, medium hardness; - Safe 11 FREE formula - Convenient color navigation on the bottle.
Raw Material: Germany
Production: Russia
The range includes 20 collections of polishers, including classic ones and those with various effects, so that everyone can find something to their taste.

LAC is a brand of professional nail cosmetics in a stylish package. Elegant design, perfect quality and affordable price - these are the indisputable advantages of LAC.

- Excellent density of shades, application in 1-2 thin layers; - One-touch brush with a perfectly smooth cut for painting the cuticle area; - Smart-bottle with a rounded bottom inside for full use of the material; - 9 FREE formula; - The composition includes light-resistant pigments that guarantee brightness and durability of the color.
Price: 349 rubles
Raw materials: Latvia
Production: Russia
The range includes the main palette of 170 colors + 14 thematic collections that are released monthly.

MONTONE PRO is the youngest brand of professional nail cosmetics produced by MOLLY’S ROOM, which was released in October 2019.
This is a high-quality product at an affordable price. MONTONE PRO gel polishes have: - Soft creamy consistence perfectly applied and easily spread; - Safe 7 FREE formula;

- A comfortable brush with a smooth cut and a convenient cap with Soft-touch
coating; We offer monthly range extension and the latest novelties of the nail industry!
Volume: 10 ml;
The price of gel polishes: 245 rubles;
The price of the base and top gels: 285 rubles;
Raw materials: France, the Netherlands;
The minimum cost of one coating:.

HELENA FABRICHE – is a professional line of premium products which will become a highlight of your salon and emphasize its status. Stylish bottles with perfect content inside. Convenience and economy for the master, luxurious color and an unforgettable experience for the client. These products are created for those who want to work only with best-in-class exclusive materials.

- 12 color charts, 5 shades in each color charts;
- We have reduced the risk of an allergic reaction to a minimum;
- 11 FREE formula;
- Specially designed shades for each color chart;
- For beauty salons, the products are sold in boxes of 5 pieces (one color chart) - An elegant bottle with a removable cap;
- A brush with a smooth cut of medium hardness for flawless painting the cuticle area.

Our brand encourages the masters to take care of themselves and their customers. Products LAC O, MASTER! solve safety issues and makes daily routines simple
and easy. The range includes various consumables for nail service: protective masks, stainless base files made of surgical steel, replaceable files, lamps with
combined functionality (UV and LED) and ceramic milling cutters. Health and safety are the key points in the service industry.

The products of this brand have won the hearts of many experts thanks to the large selection and unique functionality. You can easily assemble a basic set of colors to start your beauty business. The best technologies, bright packaging, excellent quality and affordable price - this is what can be said about GURU products. Our
specialists have developed a unique palette with perfectly combined shades. The low cost combined with excellent quality makes this product the real deal for aspiring masters and experienced ones.

Brand products help you create an expressive look. LAB LASHES & BROW range offers materials for eyebrows and eyelashes, care and professional products
for eyelash extension. Black and brown high quality eyelashes will bring you pleasure during the working process. Easily removable and bundled, light and
flexible with a perfect bend. High-quality and safe materials for eyelash extension: glue, primer, remover will make the procedure simple and protect your customers from any possible discomfort. All products are carefully checked, certified and suitable only for professional use. If the eyes are a mirror of the soul, then their eyebrows is its frame. For eyebrows tinting we provide a wide selection of shades of natural henna (Made in India), which can be used separately or mixed together to obtain an individual and desired shade suitable for any skin color.